The Common Courtesies of Life

 Mutual courtesies are lifetime and are the infinite little signals we create virtually automatically as we proceed over our day. When we go to office and progress through our day, we intermingle with many people like cab drivers, attendants, people on the road, and numerous others. How we network with these folks can have an emotional impact on their day and ours too. The mutual courtesies of life, from considering an exhausted attendant with respect to smiling at the individual seated across us , must not ever be overlooked.

As your day progresses …

Evolvement through the day can be uneven for many of us. In case you have a hectic calendar, a taxing day at work, or some family emergency at home you may have too much on your mind that puts you in a grimy temperament. May be people nearby you may be feeling just as disappointed as you are but you don’t basically want their unhappiness dumped on you, so do not share yours with them just try and keep your surroundings lite .Attempt to stay cheerful if you are determinant to stay happy and polite and share positivity then life will be easy for you and your fellow workers and people you know too.

          What are the common courtesies?

  • Value time and be punctual – respect others’ time too
  • Promptly returning borrowed money.
  • Park your vehicle suitably.
  • Do not try and occupy other people’s confidentiality.
  • Respect personal space.
  • In case you miss a phone call then call back and reply back on any communication like text message or whatsapp .
  • Clean the washroom after usage when using public toilets.
  • Be courteous all the times as it reflects your basic mannerism.
  • Show courtesy when you shake hands graciously when you meet someone and say please and thank you.
  • Hold the door for others.
  • Offer to get a drink for those seated nearby when you get one for yourself.
  • Always put your used dishes in the proper place.
  • Smile genuinely
  • Definite gratitude for work well done.
  • Listen before offering your opinion.
  • avoid honking
  • follow the queue
  • do not shout at anyone
  • say “no” politely
  • help blind/ old people cross the road
  • respect elders
  • do not litter/ spit
  • Offer a seat to females/ old people in crowded places…and many more such considerate things.

Common courtesy would be much more basic respect. It’s not a favor or just a pleasant gesture that everyone should practice.

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