Improve your vocabulary –Part 2

So in part 1 we have understood that why is it essential to enrich our vocabulary and ways to develop the same. In part 2 we will again understand some more techniques in which will help us to improve our terminology.

Use Mnemonic technique

 Memory tricks like Mnemonic techniques can help you to retain new words.

Generate your own abbreviation for phrase or pieces of information you are trying to remember. Example:KEY -Keep Educating Yourself .

Visualize New Words

Visualization is a good tactic to recall new words and learn their implications.

When you visualize a word you can easily sketch a picture of the same in your brain and then use it this will help the pronunciation and usage easier for you.

Create a Synonym List

Have you ever faced this issue that while writing something long you tend to use the same word again and again, in case your answer is yes then this method is best for you create a synonyms list and implement the same.

As you substitute your words don’t forget that you are learning new words and encouraging yourself to remember them and finally increasing your vocabulary.  

Take Opinion from others

In case you’re stressed with your written terminology, try asking someone else for opinion or take their help. A second person can help you in spotting your flaws which you may have  not notice yourself, containing poor or same choice of words  Don’t be frightened to ask a colleague, teacher, or anyone else to assess your writing for opinion on your terminology.

Download a Dictionary in your phone

At times when you are free time and you are sitting idle the best thing is to improve your vocabulary use your phone and open the dictionary and start learning new and simple words .You can also use the dictionary or thesaurus to look up unacquainted words you come across in your everyday routine.

Play fun word Games

There are end numbers of games online and available in the market that will help you expand and increase your writing vocabulary while you can also have fun.

Download fun word games onto your phone and keep playing whenever you are free. Some games are planned to shape vocabulary abilities, but there are adequate others that will support you working out on your spelling, phonics, and many other things.

So what’s stopping you …just explore the net and excel in building your vocabulary.

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