Interview Body Language – Part2.

3. Interview body language – what to do with your hands

In case you are uncertain of what to do with your hands, rest them loosely clasped in your lap or on the table in front of you.

Keep moving your hands by being aware of how you are placing them.

Keeping your hands above the neck or on your head, touching your face or your hair, is unethical and expresses nervousness and apprehension.

Refrain your hands from touching your face or your hair strands.

Interview body language specialists will tell you that moving the nose or lips can indicate that the candidate is dishonest or uncertain about what he is  saying.

Bad interview body language

Foldaway arms across your upper body propose a closed and defensive attitude.

Swaying your fingers and arms around can be perceived as indecision and a shortage of effectiveness. Hence the less you move your arms and hands about the more confident and in control you are.

Practice a comfortable way to loosely place your arms and hands while you are sitting, both at a table and in a chair on its own.

4.Be cautious of your legs

Be conscious of the note your legs are giving.

A lot of leg movement is both distracting and indicates nervousness.

Resting your knee makes you look too casual and comes across as overconfident.

Crossing your legs high up sends a self-protective attitude in the one-on-one context of a job interview.

5. Make eye contact

When the examiner is talking and you want to portray that you are energetically listening, you need to initiate direct eye contact and maintain it too.

Escape seeming as if you are staring aggressively by blinking at regular intervals and moving your head every now and then, such as giving a small nod.

Watching continuously downwards marks you appear untruthful or submissive. It is okay to look down if you are making notes or discussing to material in front of you.

Nevertheless if you are talking or the interviewer is asking you something, raise your head and make regular eye contact to show that you are actively involved.

However in a panel interviews it is best to look straight and response to the person asking the question, with a glance occasionally at the other interviewers.

Eye contact is crucial interview body language to create rapport with your interviewer.

So buckle up ,pull your socks and go face an interview with positive body language .

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