Interview Body Language – Part 1.

Portraying suitable interview body language since your job interview is essential to your success. Non-verbal communication is noteworthy as your verbal communication skills.

Together your body language and the tactic in which you express such as expression, pitch and tone are as significant as the real words n your profession interview                    .

1. Deportment of your body – how to sit in your interview

When the interviewer offers you a seat, please sit upright but not too rigidly in your chair. The way you will be sitting will indicate that you are relaxed and self-confident. Bending down in your chair contributes to conclude the impression of apprehension and low self-confidence.

A careless posture specifies a unconcerned attitude and a lack of energy. Positioning yourself on the edge of your chair can come across as being uneasy and tense.

Relax and lean faintly forward, in the direction of your interviewer conveys the message that you are both interested and involved.

Tilting back makes you look as if you are too casual in your approach. Leaning to the side can be perceived as not feeling comfortable with the interviewer.

Positioning your head also sends a message.

Tilting your head very slightly to one side comes across as friendly and open.

Keeping it straight comes across as well-balanced and commanding.

2. Mirror the interviewer’s body language

Mirroring is an interview skill where you reflect your interviewer.

 Mirroring is not mimicking, it is familiarizing to the body language of your interviewer rather than copying them accurately. This technique is used to establish unity between you and your interviewer

It is imperative to pay close heed to the posture of your interviewer.

You can create a bond by adopting the same posture as have concentration the other person. This is called mirroring.

If they have a more formal posture do the same until you see that the interviewer has relaxed and become less formal.

Please stay tuned for part 2 of this blog…

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