How to sit in an interview?

You must be wondering that how does your posture during your job interview noteworthy?

So when you reach office wherever the interview will take place, graciously familiarize yourself to the greeter, and be seated in attention in the waiting area–no cell phone, tabs, magazines.

Stand straight and shake hands with the individual who comes to escort you into the interview

How to sit        

  • Sit up straight don’t get tempted to the arm rest you may get interested to lean on either one of them.
  • Stay calm and sit silently. Don’t  jiggle or keep moving  in your chair and keep your legs immobile
  • Don’t try to hide your stress too much else you will get very conscious.
  • Maintain eye contact. A more active approach to guarantee you look involved and engaged  is to look at different  parts of somebody’s face every two seconds, rotating from eyes, to nose, to chin without the other person getting to know  , so you’re by no means just piercing into the interviewer’s eyes.
  • Smile and be enthusiastic. While talking show good amount of energy and interest.
  • Use hand gestures while communicating it is ok to move your hands a little or within your body frame.

Instead of keeping them in a strange position.

  • Show your palms, open palms gesture is noble way to show respect. When your palms are up, it hints trustworthiness and engagement.
  • Nod your head while listening. Aside from keeping eye and face contact, nodding your head while listening is an additional way to show attentiveness. Nod your head sometimes to let them know you are enjoying and understand.

So master the art of sitting and rock in your interview .

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