How to get rid of boring body language

Is it possible that you can change your body language and be more communicative?

 Do you hinder your natural body language when you’re private communication because of self-consciousness?

Probably you’ve been told to act in a certain way or you have read the same somewhere and you started following the same thing due to which you have locked your natural gestures and have become stiff and boring.

Studies have shown that natural signaling makes you more self-assured and balanced .

Let’s learn how  to develop normal, easy-to-read body language when you’re talking:

Image result for develop natural, expressive body language

    Let your hands be free

Place your hands in a comfortable manner and leave whatsoever you are  holding, be it  a pen, the remote, or your notes.

Folding your hands together, placing them in your front or back pockets will stop you from gesturing as expected.

But now the question is that where should you place your hands?

Just let them hang down loosely at your sides. This is a default position

Your fingers will undoubtedly move stealthily without your noticing

 Move your feet

To make your body language more natural, move your feet maybe a little toward the person you’re addressing.

 Change your gestures

Once you’ve made a bond open up your body language, check that you’re not making monotonous gestures.

Eradicate distracting and boring gestures, but don’t try and create what you’re saying with specific gestures. It will look funny and unnatural.

So next time that you are in a conversation with someone please feel the difference by following these tips and tricks.

Follow these five steps, and you’ll develop natural body language that will add energy, engagement, and persuasive power to your presentation

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