Body Language for Men

 What does it indicate when Men put their hands in their Pockets

Certain individuals place their hands in their pouches to hide a tremor or twitch that they cannot actually regulate. It might be somewhat as small as rubbing their fingers together or even assembling   their hands in the pocket.

A cut or an injury on somebody’s hand may make it painful or prickly or may get a paper cut which is  more painful so something like this  would require protection hence the person would want to protect his hand and keep in in his pockets .

Possibly the person is self-conscious  and uncomfortable of the condition of their hands or have  a stain or unhealthy nails which they want to hide from the world  which means that protecting  their hands by keeping them in  the pockets would solve their hitch .

 Have you ever sensed the urge to stretch out and touch someone? Only when you don’t want your hands to get restless would you keep them consciously in your pocket  however since you want to stay calm and composed too you might keep your thumb out of your pocket .

Possibly if the person is  getting sentimental or  overwhelmed, he may just want to put his hands in his pockets

Men who place their hands in their pockets and square their shoulders at the same time are subconsciously demanding to make they appear all-inclusive and superior  

It is completely thinkable that a man just wants to be comfortable and pockets are a safe and comfortable place to put their hands. A comfortable posture with hands relaxed in the pockets of their pants can be easier than trying to figure out where to put them.

This does not meant to be a confusing action, just one of comfort that may also indicate that whatever they are doing or whatever discussion they are having is worth their time.

Unreliable people do not gesture as often as most people do, so hiding hands in pockets is seen as being abnormal and withholding symptom.

So next time when you place your hands just see what are you signaling to people around you .So be careful and more conscious.

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