Overthinking is good or bad?

So let us understand what is Overthinking?

Overthinking keeps you busy but takes you nowhere.

Most of us go through this issue and we don’t even realize that we are wasting our time and energy in just an unproductive activity of thinking too much instead of acting and doing things we are not utilizing our time which leads to unnecessary stress and tension Once we get into the habit of thinking too much intentionally or unintentionally over the period of time we start burdening our self with various thoughts and get per occupied in our own though process. Our brain keeps wandering and this effects our facial expressions which in long run effects our impression on others.

The habit of overthinking keeps you away from taking action. It burns your energy, deactivates your ability to make judgments or choices, and puts you across in a never ending loop of thinking and thinking over and again.

It’s like tying yourself to a rope that is connected to an invisible pole and going in circles again and again which is not going to take you anywhere.

Overthinking will lead to apprehension, nervousness and lack of inner peace.

On the other hand, when you don’t overthink, you become more capable, more peaceful and happier as you are internally gratified.

Why overthinking is hazardous?

The biggest hazard of Overthinking is that it can take a severe toll on your happiness. Investigations say dwelling on your weaknesses, faults, and complications arises your risk of psychological health problems.

So stop overthinking and start working.

Follow the Get Set Go mode .

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