Essential Characters of a Flight Attendant

Air hostess, Flight Attendants or cabin crew are part of the aircrew team to guarantee that you get an outstanding expedition through out your flights.

If you dream on becoming a part of the best cabin crew team, you ought to have these qualities

  1. Compassionate

Having the ability to understand and share the feelings of another is important for a cabin crew. Empathy is not exclusive to be shown towards passengers but to co-workers also. It is important that you are aware of the dispositions of your co-workers and be able to adjust to their circumstances. In this way, you are contributing greatly to ensure a smooth sailing flight.

  • 2. Customer Service Oriented

A good cabin crew carefully attends to the needs of the passengers. There are unavoidable situations that might happen, such as a passenger bursting out of anger, or when a problem arises unexpectedly. A cabin crew must be agile in responding to these situations and must be adaptable to think of the most appropriate action to solve the present problem.

Always remember to put the customers’ welfare above all things. In solving problems, present alternatives but let the customer decide which option is the most applicable and suitable to his liking.

  • Adaptability
Graphic image with series of linked colourful heads illustrating different thought processes and skills

Airlines almost always have a tight schedule and being a cabin crew means being able to adapt to the rigorous and stress that delayed flights may cause on you, or when working conditions might be unfavorable. You may lack the time and resources to perform your duties, but you have to make them happen nonetheless.

Now the question is, “do you still feel that you can work even when under pressure and inevitable situations?”

If yes, then congratulations! You’re a perfect cabin crew material.

4. Team coordination and communication

Cabin crew means you don’t work by yourself keep in mind that you will work as a team most of the time. You must have the ability to keep up with your coworkers and agree with things in order to keep things smooth.

Stop thinking that you will work by yourself. Get rid of the “I” outlook and embrace the “we”. In this way, you will appear as an effective team member.

Communication is essential. Learn to cultivate effective communication with your team. Respectively each individual contributes to the team’s results so make sure you communicate with each other very well.

5. Cultural Sensitivity and Awareness

As stated, you will be functioning with a team throughout your journey as a cabin crew. Your team might consist of multicultural individualizes. It is important that you establish awareness and thoughtfulness in dealing with them.

Not all cultures share the same principles, and it is a big mistake to decrease other people just because they don’t have the same opinions as yours.

Sensitivity to culture is not limited to your co-workers as you also deal with passengers with different nationalities. Giving them the best air travel includes being sensitive to their culture.

6. Elegance and Deportment

Flight attendants transport the name hence are airlines brand ambassadors .

Always keep yourself groomed and neat & tidy You are the face of the company and at the front position in providing services. Take care of your nails and hair and always maintain proper posture. Keep yourself poised and graceful as you deal and interact with customers. A confident cabin crew earns the faith and respect of the passengers.

If your dream is to become a part of an elite cabin crew team, keep these qualities in mind and you’re already one step closer to making your dream a reality.

So, strike a confident pose and flash a genuine smile and be the best cabin crew member now.

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