Mood swings

Mood swings denote prompt fluctuations in summonses mood. The term can denote irrelevant day-to-day mood variations or to substantial mood changes as seen with mood disorders such as major hopelessness or depression. Mood swings can happen to anyone.

What causes mood swings?

Habit –it gets into human nature

Tension and anxiety

Emotional Circumstances

Psychiatric causes- the constant thought process that rules you mind.

Hormone imbalances-Clinical

How can I control my mood?

Here are few ways to stable your mood and discontinue sentiments and feelings in their pathways.

Recognize your beliefs, opinions and thoughts

Detach yourself from your emotions.

Bring funniness & lightheartedness to your Reactions.

Don’t evaluate yourself for being sensitive

Take out breathing space from your hectic schedule

Control stress as it is a major trigger

Keep a regular schedule. Stick to a routine to help control mood swings.

Practice healthy eating and sleep habits

Is mood swing a mental disorder?

While each person know- that he or she faces mood swings to a certain degree, extreme mood swings can lead to anxiety but only if you let it overpower you .

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