What is Communication?

The dictionary meaning of Communication is imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium like social media , etc

For Example “television, telephone, mobile, social media, newspaper, is an effective means of communication”

Synonyms: transmission, imparting, conveying, reporting, presenting, passing on, handing on, relay, conveyance, divulgence, divulgation, disclosure.

Communication is a very basic and fundamental process for human beings.

What are the different types of communication?

Here are numerous types of communication between people as well as between groups.

Which are the main categories of communication?

1) Verbal Communication.

2) Non-verbal / Interpersonal communication.

3) Written Communications.

4) Formal &Informal.

1) Verbal Communication

Verbal communication can also be called as Spoken communication. In simple language, any communication that happens orally between two  people is known as verbal communication.

The purpose of such communications is to ensure that people understand whatever you want to convey. Because of its very nature, verbal communications is more quick and accurate than any other form of communication.

In today’s time of messaging via Whatsapp or using email, people still prefer personal meetings or phone calls (or face to face skype calls) because they are effective and much more convenient in conveying the message.

Verbal communication is an important aspect and is looked as a key strength in an individual.

2) Non-verbal communication

In what manner do you make people feel when you enter the room? Is your body language strong  and expressive  and are you standing straight and erect or are you slouched and exhausted?

 When you shake hands, do you do so firmly or do you just brush your hand against others?

This is an example of Non-verbal communications.

Your smile, body language and  the listening ability is all non-verbal  communication.

3) Written Communications

There are numerous ways that written communications can be used. The number of ways is ever increasing with the penetration of smartphones and the internet. One of the most common forms of written communications used till date is Email. But slowly, written type of communications is becoming more informal with Whatsapp and other online messaging apps being used regularly.

The benefit of written communication is that it acts as the final word once a decision has been taken.

Emotions are present in  written communication .

4) Formal &Informal

These are the  two types of communication when considering the formality of the communication.

First is the formal and official type of communication which can be emails, letterheads, memos, reports and other such kinds of written material. These are considered as documentary evidence and certain formality is associated with them. You cannot submit such formal documents and later deny them.

Second is Informal communication is one where there is nothing official about the communication that is happening .Whatsapp, SMS which are all vehicles of informal communication which can be used by people.

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