What is posture ?

The dictonary meaning of the word posture is the position in which someone holds their body when standing or sitting.

What is good posture and why is it so important, it  is significant since it shows the body’s alignment and positioning with respect to the ever-present force of gravity.

Whenever we are standing, sitting or lying down gravity exerts a force on our joints, ligaments and muscles. Good posture entails distributing the force of gravity through our body so no one structure is overstressed.

While sitting and standing if correct postural alignment is done then it  allows one to work more efficiently without exhausting  and straining  your body’s ligaments and muscles. Upright posture is the first step to breaking old poor postural habits and reducing stress and strain on your spine.

The sitting position is where most of us get into trouble with poor postural habits. This is especially true when driving a car  or using a computer. As we focus on the activity in front of us we tend to protrude the head and neck forward.

We would advise using a standing desk for the ones who sit for long time on a computer at their office.

Going furthur Posture is composed of several different components, how you stand, walk, sit, and sleep.

Lets start with  the fundamentals. In order to test if you have good/bad posture , stand against  a wall you can lean against. Stand facing forward, back against the wall, and place your heels 6 inches from the wall. Your shoulder blades and buttocks should make contact with the wall. Then, you need to see if there is greater than 2 inches between the small of your back and the wall. If there is, this is most likely due to bad posture.

However  don’t worry this can be rectified.

When you stand, keep your shoulders and back aligned. Likewise, use your stomach muscles to keep your body in a vertical line. To ease tension on your hips and balls of your feet, feel free to bend your knees slightly if you are comfortable.

Well everyone needs a good posture ,it also helps an individual to create an  influencial everlasting impression .

If you’re ready to correct your posture and improve your health from head to toe, contact us at Gracious Avatar –the best Body Language training school in Gurgaon , as  we will help you address the underlying problems that are creating negative effects from bad posture and affecting your overall personality .

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